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Sunday, 21st of January, 2018
BioAxis DNA Research Centre Pvt Ltd is oldest and reliable private DNA testing laboratory in India to offer accurate Human DNA test services for private (Peace of mind DNA test) as well as court accepted purposes with 100% accuracy. It offers DNA Testing for 16 loci and 28 Loci processed in the most advanced genetic analyzers. BDRC is the collaborator of Bode Technology, USA and our DNA forensic services have been utilized by various Judiciaries, State and the National Police departments. We have reported 400+ cases and have rich experience of DNA Testing.
Biopure Crime identification and sample collection kits, Gel Electrophoresis kits , DNA extraction kits, Proteomics kits, RAPD Kits , RFLP Kits including customized kits for high throughput research,teaching, testing & analysis in the field of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology.
Customized services in the field of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics & DNA Forensics for Research, Analysis & Testing. A Wide range of services including FAME analysis,Karyotyping,Illumina Sequencing, Flow Cytometry Services,Bacterial identification,Sequencing of DNA, RNA, Protein is done.