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Saturday, 15th of June, 2024
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Crime Identification Products

BioAxis DNA Research Centre is the market leader in providing forensic DNA Testing and sample collection services,Crime scene sample collection, marketing highly advanced and proprietary DNA collection products, and research services to law enforcement agencies, federal and state governments, Police departments,crime laboratories and disaster management organizations throughout the India and around the world for private as well as legal cases. BDRC has a range of crime identification and DNA Collection products and DNA Testing services in association and collaboration with BodeTech Lorton.
Innovative Device for Buccal DNA Collection
The new Slider Buccal DNA Collector is designed to collect buccal cells used in DNA Identification protocols. The Slider Buccal DNA Collector delivers a number of design changes from the original Buccal DNA Collector.
Slider Cover - The most significant change is that the cover is attached to the handle of the collector and covers the collection paper when pushed forward over the paper. This prevents any chance of buckling the collection when replacing the cover.

Color - The color of the collector has been changed from white to grey. This allows the individual supervising the collection to determine if the collector is facing the proper direction during the collection process. It can be difficult to distinguish between the white collector and the collection paper.

Stop Notch - The Slider Buccal DNA Collector has notches that prevent the user from pushing the handle too far into the support and exposing the collection paper.

The Slider Buccal DNA Collector has the same proven collection paper as the Buccal DNA Collector and the same support system to ensure successful sample collection and DNA processing. This device is easy to use and comes with simple instructions. There are accessories available to simplify the processing and archiving of samples.
Crime Scene Collector

We have a new crime scene collection device, the Bode Crime Scene CollectorTM; to help law enforcement secure more reliable DNA evidence from crime scenes. The collector is simple and ready to use. Its unique features aid in the collection, protection and documentation of biological evidence. The design of the device facilitates safe delivery of DNA to the crime scene laboratory.


 Package protects the collector from contamination and moisture before use

 Integrated desiccant dries the evidence during transportation to the crime lab

 Pre-labeled system with unique barcodes; no two collectors will have the same number

 Three additional matching barcodes on the collector package for photo documentation of the     evidence or labeling the crime scene documents and transport packages

 Traditional cotton tip swab for wet or dry evidence collection

 Ergonomic plastic tube/handle easily converts to a protective, secure, non-breakable     transportation device in one motion

 Collector design minimizes the contamination of the evidence, errors in chain of custody and     processing time

 Faster evidence collection with less processing time at the crime scene-just swab, seal and ship

 In summary the Bode Crime Scene Collector makes collection, sealing and shipping of evidence     very convenient

Description of BodEpen System

The BodEpen is designed to capture hand written notes, sketches or completed forms. It then uploads the written information into the host computer, in an electronic PDF format, for document filing or e-mailing without scanning or retyping.

The BodEpen System consists of a digital writing pen with carbon free ink, customized Anoto® digital pre-printed paper and a docking cradle with a USB-powered connector that links to the host computer, which will run the provided support software.

The BodEpen is a pen, a camera and a computer, with 1 MB memory to store forty (40) 8.5" x 11" pages of writing. Placing the BodEpen in the cradle attached to the host computer initiates the download of information into the computer and recharges the battery in the BodEpen. The BodEpen battery will provide up to 8 hours of use between charges.

The BodEpen writes on Anoto® patterned paper, taking pictures of the Anoto® dots along the ink lines and faithfully storing the handwriting, which is reproduced as a PDF in the host computer upon successful download. The pen is slightly over 6 inches in length and weighs 1.2 ounces.

The BodEpen is compatible with most operating systems and e-mail applications and comes with a two year warranty.

Why Test Your Child's DNA?
A lost or missing child is every parent's worst fear…
When a child is missing, every minute counts. You already know that you should have a current photograph of your child to provide to law enforcement. What you may not know is that you should also have a clean and well preserved DNA sample from your child. A DNA profile generated from this sample can offer important information to help police during crime scene investigation. The first step to obtaining a DNA profile is having a DNA reference sample available for processing.

Why DNA matters in a criminal investigation
Everywhere a person goes s/he leaves behind vital DNA clues in shed skin cells, strands of hair, fingernails, saliva and blood. By comparing DNA extracted from these samples left behind with a known DNA profile, investigators can determine where a child has been and potentially with whom, making it easier for police to narrow leads and more effectively analyze other potential evidence. Such data can significantly increase the odds that a missing child will be located more quickly.

Why it's important to be prepared
When a crime is suspected, it can take several days to weeks to process a DNA sample and create a profile at a crime laboratory - precious time if a child is missing.

Utilizing the same technology as police crime labs, Bode provides you with a full DNA profile as part of a Certificate of Identity for your child, which you can store at home. Should a crisis occur, you'll be ready with vital data that will help police act immediately. In addition a laminated wallet size, DNA Identity Card, including a full DNA profile of your child with name and date of birth will also be provided.
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